Travel Day, and Fort Dix

After a goodbye in the morning, I caught a commercial flight to Fort Dix, NJ, where I’ll be doing mobilization processing. I also learned it’s not technically Fort Dix anymore; it’s Joint Base Dix-McChord-something else I can’t remember, a sure sign of budget cuts and all the military branches working hand-in-hand.

Travel pretty much took all day.  We got there, found a bed to sleep in and turned in for the night.

The next day, my first Army meal:

That’s a vegetarian omelet with sausage patty and orange juice.

After that, it was a battery of checklists and stations.  Vision test, audio test, blood draw, a tetanus shot (which I was due for) and a flu shot (which I got in the fall but couldn’t prove, so they gave me another one), meeting with pay people, verifying ID cards, etc.

Then, an Army haircut:

In the biz, that’s called a high-and-tight.

After the haircut, I thought I’d take a shower to get all the little snippets of hair off my neck.  There’s an art to the Army shower.  When you enter a shower on an Army installation, only a fool thinks that pointing the handle towards “H” results in hot water, and “C” results in cold water.  It’s been five years since I was on active duty, so some of these quirks have slipped my mind.  I was a fool, and as a result sang falsetto for a few seconds as I scrambled to get out of the way of the frigid spray.  Then, I carefully dialed in the shower settings.  12 o’clock is off, 3 o’clock has the H, and 9 o’clock has the C.  I found the hottest water was at about the 2 o’clock position.

Also, I’ve received my follow-on orders.  Two weeks at Walter Reed doing some on-the-job training, then off to Germany in late May.  Of course, no one has been able to tell us WHEN we’ll go to Walter Reed, or HOW we’ll get there.  Guess I should start walking?



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4 responses to “Travel Day, and Fort Dix

  1. Dad and I were really glad to read the blog, and will follow it faithfully to know @ your journeys. Food looks okay, the haircut about what we expected! Hope your beds are comfy, UNOWHO

  2. ken

    Just another in a long line of….questionable haircuts.

    PS- So I’m guessing you won’t be burning any CDs real soon?

    • There’s plenty of questionable things one gets told to do in the military.

      CDs will be delayed, but will get made… probably late May, arriving in your hot little hands in early June.

  3. How about a Day 2?? Are you cooling your heels (dying of boredom) in New Jersey right now?

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