Beer of the week: Hook & Ladder’s Backdraft Brown

The first weekend in Washington, D.C. was pretty exciting; I’ve seen all this stuff that one sees in the movies and tv shows, and listened to all the other tourists complaining about how they “thought the White House would be bigger.”  There were protestors, and other tourists, and plenty of people going about their regular lives and using the huge stretch of lawn on the mall for running, or playing with dogs, or frisbee.

This week, it’s been working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center (abbreviated, of course, to WRAMC, pronounced “Ram See”).  The evenings have been spent working out, finding food, working on the next Great American Novel (assuming the next Great American Novel involves foot chases, flashing swords, epic battles, and damsels in distress… maybe I should say the next Competent Sword-and-Sorcery Adventure Novel), and drinking the local beers:

This beer’s pretty good; malty and sweet, with very little hop bitterness.  A nice accompaniment to tapping away at a keyboard.

More exciting than any of that, however, is this:  Cotterpin’s coming up this weekend!  She arrives tomorrow night, and our plan is to hit the National Archives and see those documents that I’ve sworn to “protect and defend” (the Constitution and Bill of Rights), the National Air and Space Museum… and, there’s several embassies throwing open houses this weekend, too.  We’d like to hit Australia and Japan’s embassies.  I’ll be sorely disappointed if I don’t see people dressed like Crocodile Dundee or Ninjas, respectively, at those places.

But even if that doesn’t happen, the movies have taught me that at an embassy party, I can expect some international intrigue to break out.


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