Government housing…

I made it to Germany, and so did all my bags.

We flew out Sunday night, and landed Monday morning, and were shown to our housing.  It’s government housing, so not luxurious, but not uncomfortable, either.  It has all that super-sturdy, dorm-issue furniture.  It’s a holiday weekend here, but I’m feeling a little extra detached; there’s no work to do, and I don’t really know anyone, and don’t have any wheels to go anywhere, so it’s pretty much me and internet, and phone calls to Cotterpin for the weekend.  But, I’m going to strike out and go see the castle in town… pics to follow!

In the meantime, here’s some pics of my government digs:

It’s not quite the Courtyard Marriott I stayed at in Washington DC, but the gravy train couldn’t go on forever…


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