Happy birthday, Li!

It’s my daughter’s birthday today!

She’s two!  🙂

But, for the second time, I’m away for her birthday.  😦

It’s the army.  Now, I love the army, but it keeps doing this thing to me.  But my wife took part of the day off, and we got to skype, which is a rare treat for me during the week, due to the 7 hour time difference.

It’s an odd realization, that you’ve had a child for two years.  They have at once flown by, but also presented some tremendous challenges to me, and Cotterpin, and my relationship with Cotterpin. Challenges that we’ve overcome, but seemed intimidating at the time.

But Li… there’s something about her.  It’s fascinating to watch a child grow up.  I know that’s a sentiment that has been written about a thousand times before, and I simply don’t have the skills to add any new insights or adjectives to that conversation.  Simply put, I’m kind of in love with her, and I miss her terribly every day.

So it breaks my heart a little that she’s back in the states and I’m here.  But I’m working on a few things and leveraging some technology to help reduce that gap.  I got a recordable book for her birthday (don’t tell!); it’s the kind where I’ll read the text, and when she flips the pages, it’ll play audio of my voice reading it.  (Sidenote: the Air Force Post Exchange had exactly two choices for this type of book: Princess Dreams and Toy Story 3.  I went with Toy Story.)  I also bought some standard books for her, and will video tape myself reading them to her, then mail the books and email the videos.  It’s kind of a band-aid to not actually being with her, but (I hope) will paper over the issue until August, when I plan on seeing them on an R&R vacation.

So, Happy Birthday, Li.  You’re present’s in the mail.  I love and miss you, and we’ll be together soon.

This is my (recent) favorite picture of her.  It’s from Christmas.

A much younger Li with me at my parents house, fall of 2009.


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  1. I just saw that the Army is going back to the patrol cap for their combat uniform. About time they ditched Shinseki’s dumb ass idea for the beret. Now if they can just get Shinseki out of a leadership position in the VA, the world will be a much better place.
    Howdy Mick — sorry if this is posted in a bizarre position- but thought I’d share this – from FB, guy named Andrew – got to enjoy his company a couple of years ago when I was part of the crew removing 14,000 boxes of records from Honeywell at Bannister (who makes the NON-nuclear components for Nuclear weapons) – he’s former army — Blackhawk helicopter crew….
    Your beautiful daughter will treasure your books forever — and the memories of her beautiful mommy reading them with her — or listening to some….
    Deano & Anna

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