Got to visit Trier, a neat medieval city north of Landstuhl.  A buddy and I wandered and took pics, so not much to say about the stuff.  Here’s some pics of the basilica.  This thing was a church, but up close, it looks more like a fortress.

Those are some serious doors.  But if you see them with a Hessian to scale, you realize how big they are:

There’s also the ruins of a Roman bath complex.

The centerpiece of the city, though, is the Porta Nigra, which means The Black Gate.  Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

This was a fairly typical Roman gate into a city.  This one survived because a hermit holed up in the building around the 1000’s.  The hermit became a saint, so the Church preserved it.  The two arches in the center were the two-lane road going in and out of the city.

Coming soon, a medieval market!



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