Medieval Market at Burg Lichtenburg

An Air Force buddy of mine and I hit this medieval market at a nearby castle a couple of weeks ago.  Pretty cool.  I always dug the Renaissance Festivals as a kid, even if some of the characters laid it on a little thick with the “thous” and “Lord” and “Lady” talk.  But having such a fest in an actual castle would be pretty cool; cooler than just having it on a big open field, which they are forced to do in the US due to a serious shortage of castles.

The weather was warm and sunny and the castle sat atop a steep, steep hill.  Good Renaissance Fair weather.

With that countryside, and the castle, it’s not too hard to imagine one was back in ye olde medieval days.


Lunch was sausages made from wild boar in a cream sauce, with sauerkraut and an altbier.  German food is usually pretty paleo: it’s meat (usually pork) served with a fermented vegetable (usually cabbage); occasionally there’s potatoes, but even then, it’s all gluten-free.  Delicious.  I enjoyed a second altbier as well.


The view from the top of the tower:


What are you doing at the kitchens, archer?  Back to your post!


In fact, go see about that wolf loose inside the walls!


Our sidewalk at home is lined with cat mint.  It was one of the first things my wife Cotterpin and I did to the lawn when we bought our house, and it continues to spring back and look nice year after year.  Castle groundskeepers must be partial to it as well.  So, Cotterpin, you now know another German word: Katzenminze.


This was cool: if you’re going to do the whole Ren Faire thing, it’d be pretty cool to camp in a castle.  But these folks keep it real!  No Coleman tents and synthetic sleeping bags for them.


There was a millner there, and although the contents of the cauldron look potentially sinister, it’s just wool.


On our way out of the castle.


I imagine that, like back in the day, the rents for floorspace are much cheaper outside the castle walls than inside.

More info on Burg Lichtenburg here:


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