Sergeant Hessian (rank pictured on the left) is now Staff Sergeant Hessian (rank pictured on the right).  Hooray for a larger paycheck!

The Army also post-dated the promotion to July 1, so I recently received the bump in pay for those paychecks.



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2 responses to “Promoted!

  1. Dean Gall

    Well, hot-damn and Hoooo-Ahhhh little brother!! Well done, and hearty congrats! You fall in a long line of SSgt’s – many of which I’ve had the priviledge to browse through their records at work! Hope the visiting Gall girls aren’t having too many electrical anomolies with hair dryer, flat-iron, phone chargers,camera chargers — but I guess that would be good SSgt training on helpine out those less experience…. So I guess this means you’ve got a good dedal of sewing to work on now?? Enjoy! Love and stuff- Deano

  2. Ed

    Congrats! That’s fantastic and well-deserved! Have a great time with your guests! Ed

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