Mainz is an old town in the Rheinland, sitting on the edge of the Rhein river.  It was founded as a Roman fort over 2,000 years ago.  I decided to take a day and go check it out one weekend.

Narrow streets.  Exposed beam, wattle-and-daub construction.  And an huge old cathedral.  Yep, this is Germany all right.

Old walls. Reminders of Rome’s past presence.

And, the occasional actual Roman ruin.

There’s a very nice riverwalk area along the Rhein.

But over the river was the real prize… the Home Sought After:

Hesse.  I HAD to get there; it’s the name of the blog, after all.  So I climbed up to the great bridge that crosses the Rein, and started trudging across.  But was able to stop and appreciate the beach.  I don’t know about you, but I never envisioned the Rhein having beaches. And yet, there it was:

I continued on, and stopped halfway to savor the moment.

I was almost there! I took a moment to enjoy the view of the old sailing ship moored on the Hessian side.

I made it into Hesse, and climbed down off the bridge and found… graffiti.

Some pretty good graffiti, admittedly, but still…. On the other hand, as a young boy, my head probably would have exploded from the coolness of it, if I had just had the imagination to conjure up the image of a great white shark controlling a robot.

Well done, Hessian graffiti artist. You’ve restored my faith in the coolness of our people.

It was time for the most Hessian of meals. A variety of pork products served on sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes, and washed down with some dark lager.

That dark one in the upper left hand corner? Blutwurst. I’d never tried that. It’s one of those foods that’s intimidating because it is actually made from coagulated pig’s blood. It is quite tasty, though, once you get past the knowledge of what’s made of. The color is a dark, wine red, which makes it harder to forget that you’re eating congealed blood. The solution to that dilemma, of course, is a second half liter of lager.


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