Five years

My wife and I celebrated our five year anniversary on Friday.

It’s a happy occasion, made more difficult by the fact that Mrs. Hessian is on another continent right now.

But she’ll be coming over to join me soon, and I’m counting the days. Literally counting the days; 33 days and she’ll be here!

We’ve packed a lot of events in our five years of marriage. Travel to new places. Experiencing new things, taking on projects and hobbies together, and recently, embarking on the adventure of parenthood together.

I love her more now than I did when we married, and am impatiently waiting for her to arrive here in Germany. She’s a wonderful mother, and is raising our daughter to be an equally awesome, kick-ass person. And the chance to live with my wife and daughter in Europe is an exciting prospect to me.

So here’s to five years that have been full and exciting, and here’s to many more full, exciting years with a person I love having by my side.

Happy anniversay, Mrs. Hessian, and I cannot wait to show you guys Europe.

With love,

The Hessian


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