Range day

Got to go to the range for our annual weapons qualification. Technically, I only have to qualify on the M16 rifle, but we decided to go a second day and qualify on the M9 pistol as well. Like the bumper stickers say about fishing, “A bad day at the range beats a good day at the office.”

Day 1 was the M16

First you zero:

Then you do the actual qualifications:

You were supposed to spread your shots around, only do four shots per target. My weapon kept jamming, and I’d lose count of which ones I had shot how many times. The result was that the poor sucker at 150 meters really got it good.

They give you 40 rounds; I got 32 of them on the targets. Minimum to qualify is 24. Not the best I’ve ever done, but not bad, either.

Day 2 was the M9 pistol.

No zeroing with this one; the pistol’s sights are not adjustable. You just point and shoot. They give you one human silhouette target, and you have to get as many in the black as possible.

I didn’t break any records on this one, but shot the hell out of that guy’s spleen:

I think this proves I’ll never be a villain.

It’s a good thing, too. If I was a stormtrooper, Han, Luke and Leia would be dead as hell.


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  1. Ed

    Nice shootin’! When you get back to the land of the free and the home of copious gun ownership, we’ll have to head to the range for a ‘mad minute’! Really nice job with the M9. They are big and clunky and their triggers are not the smoothest, esp if you have to start double-action. As evidence, I’ve only ever seen one guy use a Beretta in competition, and that was just for fun. If you get free ammo and range time, you should more often!

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