Parents visit: Heidelberg

My parents came to visit, and I took them to Heidelberg to visit the castle there. It’s a pretty castle, and quite large, and on top of a very large hill. After a steep climb, we started going through the outer gates until we made it to the interior.


The castle has some beautiful views of the nearby hills, covered with vineyards, and the Neckar River.


A hilltop castle seems like a great place for a wedding.


The interior held what was purported to be the world’s largest wine barrel.


Nope, bigger than that one.

Ok, that’s pretty big. But it’s not that fuzzy in real life; the room was quite dim…

But then I found the REAL largest wine barrel (in an even darker, harder-to-photograph room):

Yes, that’s a staircase that goes up and over the barrel. I’m pretty sure this wine barrel would crush my house if it fell on it.

The courtyard was interesting, showing the old walls joined to the newer, renovated walls.

And of course, the fountains.

Heidelberg is a beautiful city, and we enjoyed the castle quite a bit.

Next up: Wine festival in Bad Durkheim.



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