Reunited! Errata forthcoming…

I got Cotterpin and Li over to Germany! It happened just last week!*

The Hessian, Li and Cotterpin, reunited at Burg Nanstein.

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado. When Cotterpin and Li got here, we sent some time getting them settled in, and running around doing those “setting up a new apartment” errands, and then we went right into traveling on the weekends.

I’ve pictures and stories saved up, and will start rolling them out more regularly now. I promise.

Want a preview of what I’ll be covering? A sneak peak (and better pictures) are available at:

First hint: Switzerland.

Belgium. Also, a list of foreign countries through which I've carried my growing child on my shoulders.

*I’m actually writing this post on December 24. “But wait, the blog post itself says this post was uploaded on November 15; what gives?” That, my dear friends, is through the magic of the internet. Yes, Cotterpin and Li have been here about six weeks. What can I say? Time goes by faster (in a good way) when they’re around.

That's Cotterpin. Fresh Alpine air and Swiss chocolate made her come down with a serious case of the cute.


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